We provide a range of services to help users of our systems to better understand, deploy and use our compliance products. We also offer comprehensive on-site chemical safety audits.


To assess your current state of chemical compliance and to benchmark it against industry standards, our chemical safety team conducts comprehensive onsite compliance audits, delivers a compliance report, and where appropriate, provides recommendations for improvements based on their findings.

Data Setup

Setting up your chemical compliance accounts with all of the relevant information. This can include completing the chemical register, on-site inventory stocktake, mapping of your premises as well as mapping of your production/treatment areas and all chemical treatments. Data Setup can be complemented with an on-site chemical safety audit for a more comprehensive chemical compliance solution


To enable effective use of our systems we provide training to our clients. The training is a quick, simple and stress-free way of acquiring in-depth knowledge of our chemical compliance sytems. It is conducted as a live webinar (web-based seminar) and is repeated twice each week. It does not require any special computer skills.

For organisations with more specific requirements we provide onsite training. The training is available Australia-wide.

Integration of Chemical Compliance Systems with your Webpage or your Intranet

We offer a range of integration options which can be implemented on your website or your intranet. Such integration, which features your organisation’s branding, can streamline and enhance your operation internally or can be provided to your customers as a part of your loyalty or sales offering.